The Virgin Birth (Draft)

  1. Mother Universe

THE world-generating spirit of the father passes into the manifold of earthly experience through a transforming medium – the mother of the world. She is a personification of the primal element named in the second verse of Genesis, where we read that “the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”  In the Hindu myth, she is the female figure through whom the Self begot all creatures.  More abstractly understood, she is the world-bounding frame: “space, time, and causality” – the shell of the cosmic egg.  More abstractly still, she is the lure that moved the Self-brooding Absolute to the act of creation.

In mythologies emphasizing the maternal rather than the paternal aspect of the creator, this original female fills the world stage in the beginning, playing the roles that are elsewhere assigned to males. And she is virgin, because her spouse is the Invisible Unknown.   Xxx


  1. Matrix of Destiny

THE universal goddess makes her appearance to men under a multitude of guises; for the effects of creation are multitudinous, complex, and of mutually contradictory kind when experienced from the viewpoint of the created world. The mother of life is at the same time the mother of death; she is masked in the ugly demonesses of famine and disease. Xxx

It is clear that each of the three stages of procreation represents an epoch in the development of the world. The pattern for the procession was foreknown, almost as something already observed; this is indicated by the warning of the All-Highest.  But the Moon Man, the Mighty Living One, would not be denied the realization of his destiny.  The conversation at the bottom of the lake is the dialogue of eternity and time, the “Colloquy of the Quick”: “To be, or not to be.”  Unquenchable desire is finally given its rope: movement begins.

The wives and daughters of the Moon Man are the personsifications and precipitators of his destiny. With the evolution of his world-creative will the virtues and features of the goddess-mother were metamorphosed.  After the birth from the elemental womb, the first two wives were prehumen, suprahuman.  But as the cosmogonic round proceeded and the growing moment passed from its primordial to is human-historical forms, the mistresses of the cosmic birth withdrew, and the field remained to the women of men.  Thereupon the old demiurgic sire in the midst of his community became a metaphysical anachronism.  When at last he grew tired of the merely human and yearned back again to his wife of his abundance, the world sickened a moment under the pull of his reaction, but then released itself and ran free.  The initiative passed to the community of the children.  The symbolic, dream-heavy parental figures subsided into the original abyss.  Only man remained on the furnished earth.  The cycle had moved on.


  1. Womb of Redemption

THE world of human life is now the problem. Guided by the practical judgment of the kings and the instruction of the priests of the dice of divine revelation, the field of consciousness so contracts that the grand lines of the human comedy are lost in a welter of cross-purposes.  Men’s perspectives become flat, comprehending only the light-reflecting, tangible surfaces of existence.  The vista into depth closes over.  The significant form of the human agony is lost to view.  Society lapses into mistake and disaster.  The Little Ego has usurped the judgment seat of the Self.

This is in myth a perpetual theme, in the voices of theprophets a familiar cry. The people yearn for some personality who, in a world of twisted bodies and souls, will represent again the lines of the incarnate image.  We are familiar with the myth from our own tradition.  It occurs everywhere, under a variety of guises.  When the Herod figure (the extreme symbol of the misgoverning, tenacious ego) has brought mankind to the nadir of spiritual abasement, the occult forces of the cycle begin of themselves to move.  In an inconspicuous village the maid is born who will maintain herself undefiled of the fashionable errors of her generation: a miniature in the midst of men of the cosmic woman who was the bride of the wind.  Her womb, remaining fallow as the primordial abyss, summons to itself by its very readiness the original power that fertilized the void.



  1. Folk Stories of Virgin Motherhood


©KingsWay New International Church 1973.


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