Church custodian job description

Job Title:                     Church Custodian

Reports To:                 Church Administrator

Position Status:         Full‐Time

Position Summary:

Responsible for the appearance, cleanliness, maintenance and security of the building and grounds of the


Job Responsibilities and Duties:

Keep the building clean, attractive and well‐maintained, inside and out.

Maintain attractive grounds, performing basic functions as cutting grass, care of flowerbeds, shovelling snow, arranging for snow to be removed from the parking lot, and other maintenance duties.

Perform minor repairs, including but not limited to masonry, electrical systems, plumbing and immediate temporary repairs in an emergency.

Attend Building & Grounds Committee meeting and consult with the chair and Church Administrator as needed regarding policies, needed repairs and significant purchases.

Set up and take down the sanctuary and rooms as needed for classes and meetings.

Negotiate on needs assessment, finance and scheduling issues with contractors when maintenance and repair services are needed.

Supervise the part‐time grounds keeper, custodial assistant, and church members who volunteer for maintenance responsibilities.

Perform other tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the Church Administrator.

Job Skills and Requirements:

Knowledge of basic HVAC and mechanical functions of a large non‐residential building.

Good organizational and planning skills and an ability to delegate to other employees and volunteers.

Ability to negotiate knowledgably with contractors and vendors for facility needs.

Regular timely attendance during stated or negotiated hours.

Available and on call on a 24‐hour, seven day a week basis for emergencies.

Ability to communicate with staff and volunteers on facility needs and uses.

Ability to lift a minimum of 40 pounds and to have complete mobility in building and grounds activities.


Evaluation and Compensation:

The Church Custodian works directly under the Church Administrator and receives an annual performance evaluation. Compensation is reviewed annually.

I have read and received a copy of my job description. I understand this overrides anything I have been given or told in the past. I further understand that I’m expected to follow my job as outlined above and that if I have any questions concerning what is expected of me, I will speak with my immediate supervisor identified above.

Employee                                                                                                                    Date





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