Church hostess job description

Church Hostess Job Description

Job Title:                    Church Hostess

Reports To:                Business Church Administrator

Position Status:         Full-Time/Part Time


The Church Hostess works with the Business Church Administrator in overseeing the scheduling, menu selection, purchasing, preparation, serving and clean up involved in food services.


Train and supervise kitchen staff members and volunteer servers.

Plan menus for weekday ministries, Wednesday night supper and special occasions as requested.

Purchase all necessary food items.

Maintain high standards of sanitation in the kitchen area to comply with local health and sanitation laws.

Maintain an up-to-date inventory of food supplies.

Arrange for serving, repairing and replacing equipment in the kitchen as needed.

Work with the maintenance staff on table and room arrangements for all meals and social functions.

Maintain accurate records of supplies, costs and operation.


I have read and received a copy of my job description. I understand this overrides anything I have been given or told in the past. I further understand that I am expected to follow my job as outlined above, and that if I have any questions concerning what is expected of me, I will speak with my immediate supervisor identified above.

Signature [Church Hostess]                                                                                        Date



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