On you poor dear

You’ve come to this section to look up why you’ve stopped. Is it because…

“I can’t write, my day job drains me.”

“I can’t write, my teenage son just dyed the dog purple.”

“I can’t write, my psoriasis is flaring up.”

“I can’t write, everyone is against me and I’m not even on my side.”

There, there. Give yourself a sweet hug.  It’s okay to feel all manner of anxiety.  There’s a lot on you here.  You’re only changing your life.  This is important to you.

Inner movie Axiom: Always treat yourself the best possible way that you can.

Be a comfort to yourself. This is actually an assignment.

Feel the feelings, no matter how lousy, because in feeling them we can then identify their roots and in identifying them we can solve them.

Here’s the situation:

It’s taken everything you’ve got to get yourself to sit down to the blank page. You have declared once and for all that you are a writer!  Nothing can stop you!  And now you find yourself nodding off.

Writing a screenplay, writing anything, is hard work. It’s hard enough just doing the work required, let alone coping with all the heebie-jeebies involved.

Remember, you are a writer.  You are creative.  What you might have created are ways to stop.

This is the section where we Embrace the Impossible Obstacles. You can look up where you’ve stopped, identify the block, and take new action to keep going.

These blocks are divided into outer obstacles and inner obstacles.  The first section, on outer obstacles, covers time and place and page count.  You’ll find ways to handle the hard time you get from your spouse, your kids, and your boss.  The section on inner obstacles covers the hard time you give yourself.

Writing is an art form because it uses two different parts of you: your head and your heart.   Blockages arise when you are using primarily one when the other needs to predominate.  If the parts of yourself are not in harmony, you get blocked, and there is practically nothing in the world that feels worse.  So, since we absolutely want you to feel great, we’ll identify your obstacle and embrace it, because…

Inner Movie Axiom: Obstacles are only there in case you care to stop.

©Dodgsons, 1971.


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