How to give yourself more writing time – the either/or energy split

it takes 100 per cent of your efforts just to clear enough space in reality for you to even be a writer in the first place.  Then, after you’ve finally cleared the spot and the moment is yours, the first thing you do is fall asleep.  It’s okay, the climb to this stage made you tired.  Strike a balance between resting up and keeping your position – decide not to fall back.  Rest and go forward.  It takes one-third of your overall writing energy just to keep the world far enough away so that you are able to concentrate while writing and still close enough so that you can go out and live when your day’s work is done.

Here’s a riddle: What is the one thing that we all have exactly as much of as everybody else in a given day? Rich or poor, high-powered, busy luminary or anybody – what do we all have that is exactly equal?  (Creator)  We all have twenty-four hours in a day.

So if we have the exact same amount and some among us found time and took the time to write, then it can’t be that there’s no time, it must be that there are choices.

No let’s assume you agree that it is choice, and you choose to have six kids and a dog and you also choose writing. How do you work that out?

Don’t fight it.

Look at your time and how you spend it. Chances are, a great deal of your time is spent thinking and feeling that you have no time.  Stress is usually your mind worrying about how you’re going to handle all the stuff you have to do tomorrow, today.

Are you overworked this minute? If you are, you can take an action this minute to work it out.  If this minute’s stress has to do with future minutes, you’re choosing to spend time nonproductively.  If it takes 80 per cent of your entire energy to keep the door shut on the world long enough so you can write, that only leaves you with 20 per cent to use on the writing.

If you’re overwhelmed – surrender to it. Walk your kindergartner to school, but bring along your pad and paper.  Always say yes to life.

How I cured myself of seasickness

I have been known to hang over the rail of the great yachts of the world. On a recent sailing day, before I even left the harbour, I caught myself bracing against wooziness.

ME: Wait a minute, are you sick this minute?

ME: No!

ME: Then if this is a “well” minute, don’t infuse it with sickness.

I decided to not worry about it until it happened, and it never happened.

Take care of one thing at a time – that’s you – and one day at a time – that’s now.

How to hear yourself think

Listen and you will tell yourself everything you need to know. As you become aware of how character is revealed when you observe others, become aware of yourself too.  What’s on your heart’s mind.  Listen.

Notice the noise of your life. Distractions are infinite.  It’s a way of staying in the old place.  For instance, have you said, “I want to be alone”?  The first moment you’re alone do you call a friend to say “I want to be alone

Give yourself air and light. We all need a lot of it.

Letting your mind go on without you

YOU: I don’t have time to think.

INNER MOVIE: Good. Thinking gets you into trouble.  Don’t do it.

©Marshall Dodgsons, 1971.


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