Are You An Etymologist?

Check your learning with word derivations.

Chapter 1: Words for actions Sessions 1 to 5

Prefix, root Meaning Example
1. magnus big, large, great magnanimous
2. bi- two bilateral
3. unus one unilateral
4. trans- across transcribe
5. malus evil malaria


Chapter 2: Speech and silence Sessions 6 to 9

Prefix, root Meaning Example
1.       circum- around circumscribe
2.       somnus sleep somniloquent
3.       loquor to speak somniloquence
4.       nox, noctis night noctambulist
5.       ambulo to walk circumambulate


Chapter 3: Liars and lying Sessions 10 to 13

Prefix, root Meaning Example
1.       notus known notify
2.       chromos time chronograph
3.       genesis birth generate
4.       omnis all omnipotent
5.       an- not (negative) anaphrodisiac


Chapter 4: How to insult your enemies  Sessions 14 to 17

Prefix, root Meaning Example
1.       onyma name metronymic
2.       metra uterus metritis
3.       ardo to burn ardent
4.       megalo big, large, great megalopolis
5.       polis city police


Chapter 5: How to flatter your friends  Sessions 18 to 22

Prefix, root Meaning Example
1.       vivo to live survive
2.       cornu horn unicorn
3.       annus year anniversary
4.       inter between interstate
5.       intra- within intrapsychic


Chapter 6: The people you meet  Sessions 23 to 25

Prefix, root Meaning Example
1.       gyne, gynaikos woman gynophobe
2.       phobos fear cynophobe
3.       aner, Andros man gynandromorphy
4.       mono- single monolingual
5.       Sophia wisdom philosophy


Chapter 7: The good, the bad, and the ugly  Sessions 26 to 30

Prefix, root Meaning Example
1.       in- not indolent
2.       sequor to follow non sequitur
3.       verto, versus to turn subversion
4.       pre- before prehistory
5.       super- over, above superior


Chapter 8: Is there a doctor in the house?  Sessions 31 to 33

Prefix, root Meaning Example
1.       paidos (paed-) child paedodontics
2.       kardia heart cardialgia
3.       algos pain odontalgia
4.       –itis inflammation carditis
5.       an- not analgesic


Chapter 9: The world of work – experts and professionals  Sessions 34 to 37

Prefix, root Meaning Example
1.       octoginta eighty octogenarian
2.       nomos rule, law metronome
3.       –mancy prediction chiromancy
4.       tele- at a distance telepathic
5.       metron measurement psychometrics


Chapter 10: Explorers of knowledge – science and scientists  Sessions 38 to 40

Prefix, root Meaning Example
1.       geo- Earth geostationary
2.       petra rock, stone petrify
3.       palaeo- ancient palaeoecology
4.       arachnos spider arachnology
5.       crypto- hidden cryptographer


©Dodgsons KingsWay Sanctuary Church, 1973.


Published by:

Andrea Nicola Dodgson

I'm a R.o. Buddhist. And a U.N. Theatre tutor where I own all the Ethnography businesses as birth certificates. Involves exclusively getting my Equipment out of Disney, MGM, Universal, Times Warner, 20th Century Fox, Sony, Pixar, Columbia, and Paramount to do it against my/U.N. birth certificates. I want all my equipment.. #Solidarity

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