PAGES 75-90

(Please read today’s first section in the early A.M.)

Hi. You’re mad today.  You didn’t want to show up.  You think this book is …. (fill in the blank).   You want to strangle it and throw it across the room.   You are frustrated, confused, and you want to give up!

Fantastic!   That’s the assignment for today – give up.

Live all day empty, with no thought of your movie. Every time your mind lands on your movie, repeat this Inner Movie Axion: If you go where you don’t know to go, you’ll get there.   (If this doesn’t make sense to you, good.  It is meant to be a brain twister.  Because up until now you have been concentrating on solving your character’s central problem.  Now your brain needs to switch from the problem mode to the solution mode.  So go now, and let your brain “twist.”)  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


If you have a problem, state the problem. Simple.  But here’s why you still have the problem: you haven’t stated the problem; you stated the solution.  And the solution that you’ve stated is not correct.

Inner Movie Axiom: If you state the solution you still have the problem.  If you state the problem, you are free to solve it.

Here’s an example:

You need to find a ladder to reach the ceiling. You can’t find a ladder, therefore you can’t reach the ceiling.

The ladder is the false solution to reaching the ceiling, the false problem.

The problem is the bulb burned out.

Now list ten activities relating to a burned-out bulb that do not include a ladder.

In our never-ending quest to look for the most efficient way to do something, we often miss the best way to do it.

Now you may ask, “What does this problem solving stuff have to do with Day 6?” “I’m glad you asked.  Up until now your hero has been after a solution to his problem.  He stated the solution he was looking for and he looked for it.

But, he didn’t find his solution.

Something found him.

INNER MOVIE AXIOM: Go ahead and look for something, but it will find you.


Once the page-75 event occurs, it’s the hero’s chance to seize this event as an opportunity. If this event had happened in the beginning of your movie, it would have destroyed him, but now he is changed, and the changed way he thinks is expressed through new behaviour.  This event has occurred to give him the opportunity to strut his new stuff.  If he doesn’t strut his stuff, the event can destroy him.  So therefore the event forces him to be stronger.

From pages 75 to 90 you’ll move very fast. Your hero got up the mountain, and now he’s shooting the rapids on the other side.  There is no stopping him and no stopping the events around him.  He has everything to do to keep up with the be on top of events.  He is not fighting blockage here; he is commanding flow.  He is getting his life to change now.  And yet this wasn’t what he thought would happen.  This wasn’t what he expected.

For instance, he didn’t expect that he would find a heroine and that she would be helping. And that without her help it all wouldn’t be happening.  He went up the mountain to find himself, he came down the mountain with her.  He found her because he did find himself, and she then became his gift for achieving what he planned.  If he went up to find her, he would probably come down having found himself.

Do you see how this is the point in the script when you get to get more than you planned for?

This time through on the random draft, you might not be completely satisfied with your pages 75 to 90. That is because you are still pushing toward the solution you thought would work.  Let it go.  Be willing to let your character stumble around.  The solution will find him.

Go ahead. Write 75 to 90.  Write it very fast.  Steamroll through plenty of action.  Let it all surprise you.  Get it down in as short and fast a time as you can.

Go ahead. Watch your character grow.    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


©Andrea Nicola Dodgson, 1971.



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