Esoteric phobias

You will recognize many of the Greek roots on which these words are constructed.

air: aerophobia animals: zoophobia
beauty: callophobia blood: haematophobia
breasts: mastophobia burglars: scelerophobia
burial alive: taphephobia cats: ailurophobia
children: paedophobia colours: chromophobia
crowds : ochlophobia darkness : nyctophobia
death : thanatophobia depths : bathophobia
disease : pathophobia doctors : iatrophobia
dogs : cynophobia dying : thanatophobia
emptiness : kenophobia everything : pantophobia
eyes: ophthalmophobia faeces: coprophobia
fear: phobophobia feet: podophobia
fire: pyrophobia fish: ichthyophobia
fog: homichlophobia food: cibophobia
foreigners: xenophobia frogs: batrachophobia
ghosts : phantasmophobia hands : chirophobia
hair : trichophobia healers or healing: iatrophobia
heat : stygiophobia homosexuality: homophobia
horses: hippophobia insects: entomophobia
knives: aichmophobia knowledge: gnosiophobia
large things: megalophobia light: photophobia
lightning: astrophobia males: androphobia
many things: polyphobia marriage: gamophobia
flogging: mastigophobia medicine: pharmacophobia
mice: musophobia mirrors: spectrophobia
motherhood: metrophobia motion: kinesophobia
nakedness: gymnophobia needles: belonophobia
night: nyctophobia odours: osmophobia
old age: gerontophobia old men: gerontophobia
pain: algophobia people: demophobia
plants: botanophobia pleasure: hedonophobia
poison: toxicophobia poverty : peniophobia
prostitutes : pornophobia punishment : poinophobia
rain : ombrophobia red : erythrophobia
rivers : potamophobia sea : thalassophobia
sex : genophobia sexual intercourse : coitophobia
skin : dermatophobia sleep : hypnophobia
small things : micorphobia smothering : pnigerophobia
snakes: ophidiophobia snow: chionophobia
solitude: autophobia; monophobia sounds : acousticophobia
speaking : lalophobia speech : logophobia
spiders: arachnophobia stairs: climacophobia
stars: siderophobia stealing : kleptophobia
stillness : eremiophobia strangers : xenophobia
strength : sthenophobia study : logophobia
sunlight : heliophobia tapeworms: taeniophobia
taste: geumophobia technology : technophobia
teeth: odontophobia thieves: kleptophobia
thinking: phronemophobia thirst: dipsophobia
thunder: brontophobia time: chronophobia
togetherness: synophobia travel: hodophobia
ugliness: cacophobia voices: phemophobia
vomiting : emetophobia walking : basiphobia
watching : scoptophobia water: hydrophobia
weakness: asthenophobia wealth: plutophobia
women: gynophobia words: logophobia
work: ergophobia  




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