Therefore, my brothers, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, that is how you should stand firm in the Lord, dear friends!Philippians 4:1

Africa is a place many people call home.

My family have been there as a royal family (chronology) for 2,000 years, up until 1975 when the Masai King came to England. Queen Victoria called the Masai village, home.  And she married my Great Granddad, Masai King.  Personally, I think Nicola Dodgson chose my great granddad because he talked like a anti-hero when referring to Village and was identifiable with what she felt about her family.

Equally, “Lucy” is seen as coming from there. She was an ape, who was found by researchers at the Institute of Human Origins’ trying to home – who they put as 2 Kings 19:31.

The Importance of Grammar

We say you speak Africa, not African. This keeps the title there so we can find our way around.  Our parables gets kept alive and working.  That means we don’t go round naming things; and, eventually, put our grammar first like as with all of the countries.

But the Queen Victoria’s key words were ’embrace’, (that would give her “embracers”) and “mount” – she didn’t like that latter word.

Grammar is a universal drug, basically. Grammar was invented by monks.  Basically it’s drugs made universal and was meant to be given to a royal.  So if single, solitary moments start to take over life, use grammar symbols to say “I” in a first-person. There’s no such thing as “alone”.  Sometimes we call drugs “snow”, like with Kilomountgiro – it’s not part of our village, it can be poisonous to go up there, so we don’t mix with it…  It would be most unfortunate to see that happen as Isiah 29:3

“I… will lay siege against thee with a mount” – AV Isaiah 29:3

“I will encamp against you all around; I will encircle you with towers and set up my siege works against you” – NIV Isaiah 29:3

At first I was looking at employment in it but now I’ve stopped that, after my self-employment. The Dodgson family is known for writing the bible from the year after Jesus died, and have not stopped.  We gave this work to Gregorian University, who was while entertaining the idea it, built St. Peter’s Cathedral.  And the Vatican evolved as controlling all of our adulterated drugs.

If you want to understand grammar, think of the word ‘Monk.’ Cave paint, like the game charades, does not have the same beneficial use as grammar. Cave paint has a lot of arm swinging in use, that’s why I’ve liken it to gaming out charades.

We didn’t expect to see the Caribbean or West Indian ones, but we would’ve liked to have seen their country’s representative use of grammar – to tour there.

Our Struggle is with Safari

The term Safari was created by Western country. I, particularly, find it a bother in that we did not call it safari because we live there.  We see that part of our Country as something my people have to look after.  We get to receive that royally.  We see those that came over as pirates.  With the pirates that came over, we write about that.

Some of the pirates even took many of our Africans away. That’s why we would’ve liked some of their grammar, to tour there.

The Masai King calls home a ‘Listening Village, and discovered Africa’s “gods” is the animals. But the UK sees gods as something else.  The Greek goddess Demeter gets likened to Africans (city people) who is outside of royal & wants to help West Indians/Caribbeans’ join with us.  And those trying to give that help, for those countries/islands, as being the Greek god Hades.   It gives you an “Instead”.  And here it is…