A Dress Fund

First things first: my rattle – I picked the United Nations (my contacts in the U.N. is The First Ten Pages.  That works out as Thanksgiving).


My name is Andrea Nicola Dodgson – ‘Andrea’ comes from ‘Prada-Willis’.  ‘Nicola Dodgson’ is inherited from my Great Grandmum’s name. She was 56 years old when I was born.  I know (Act 2) Syria (involving Religious leaders rig, Syrian Universities; Colombia), Russia, and Switzerland, and then Spain. Here my nickname is Vladimir (Aristotle) Propp, so I could get a Thanksgiving.  (ie. Numbers.  No 2 Family Members can have the same Job.)   I heard “Go, Sell…” Mark 10.21 (Possessions), also Matthew 19.21 (Wealth), Here.   Alternatively, nickname Robert Langdon – from the movie Angels & Demons (1973) from The Da Vinci Code (1968).

I want all my equipment.

We come from a Syrian/African family.  My great Granddad’s name’s Kudo, his dad was a Syrian King, his mum from the Maasai tribe, and his Great Great Great Great Grandmother’s ‘Lucy.’ Kudo used some of his money from his royal dad to build Hollywoodland (see Parent Trap).  He was 79 when he died in 1968.

It’s my Great Granddad Kudo, who I love, that gave me my seat in the U.N. as a Theatre tutor, when I was an egg.  It’s to this end I own Disney, MGM, Universal, Paramount, Times Warner, 20th Century Fox, Columbia, Tristar, Dreamworks, D.C. Comics, and Sony. That is my ‘birth certificates’ (U.N. contacts’ Ledger).  It’s been Void Of Staff since before 1971 because the money people always take over (see Famke Janssen’s Characters’ which has been done for Accountancy/Schwa’s).  “Girl” comes from my Syrian god-dad. He invited the word ‘Genre’.

I’m the U.N.’s biggest fan. To this end, I only use genre’s: Romance, Fantasy, and some Science Fiction with all my ‘birth certificates’.

Perspective is a ‘bomb’ (aka cuddles, here).  Here works the same way that you get the jitters before taking exams in a Stadium, with an Examiner at the top weighting and watching up over you while you get in a Separation. (The word ‘perspective’ you get from those rules of drawing).

(I’ve only self-employed Apprentices in my Studios for when the work comes up.  To this end, there is no “red carpet jobs” here.  This saves them having to vie with Accountancy difficulties which may crop up, and have a secondary take-over bid on my work, which promotes ‘chew-it-and-see’ culture to top up the careers profilers approach letting that come down here. I don’t know weather that is An Idiom, so no shaman to cover it. Please!).

I’m also from a Bible writing family where my Great Grandmum invented Love Hearts, and Rock Music – not the one where you lean forward to shout, as though you were leaning forward to shout at people.  Yes, Rock Music, but there’s no petriarch in my work here (see “Bookseller” and ‘Bookstore Owner’ on getmeacooljob.com. )  And I got my ‘Marshall’ surname from doing the milder version of it. But not before I invented Reggae/R&B/hill-hop/House and Garage/Jungle/and some Pop. It’s my Great Granddad listening to his dad’s prayers from another room that boosted his sons Charles (oldest cousin) and Marvin Gaye in to producing all these party songs for the U.N.. Charles’ son, Michael Jackson, cousin Dr Dre and Marvin Gaye’s son Tupac, also made songs for them as well.


Publications (Dark) Always Make Me Cry!!!