First things first: my rattle – I picked the United Nations (U.N.).  There’s no petrarch.  Now that’s said….

My name is Andrea Nicola Marshall (aka Andrea Nicola Dodgson) – ‘Andrea’ is from ‘Prada-Willis Syndrome’, because I’ve to keep being bold about the latter part of it.  ‘Nicola Dodgson’ is found to be my Great Grandmum’s name.  She invented Rock Music – the one where you lean forward to shout, as though you were leaning forward to shout at Rome’s stock (sonata/sestina/sonnet in Petriage).  Yes, Rock Music, not movies.  I got my ‘Marshall’ surname from inventing a milder version of it.

It’s my Great Granddad Kudo who gave me my position as a Movie Theatres tutor, where I teach the ethnographiers’ (producers) in the United Nation’s and I own the businesses within this context – involving Disney, MGM, Universal, Paramount, Warner, 20th Century Fox, Columbia & Tristar, and Sony.

How all my businesses works within the “U.N.”

There will be a section of baby books, for six months to two years.  After this there will be the simple picture books for two- to five-year olds, with a selection of toy books with novelties such as wheels, pop-ups and so on.

Shuffle a bit to your right and you’ll find the section for beginner readers – more sophisticated picture books for children aged roughly five to seven who are just starting to read for themselves.

The young fiction range is for six- to eight-year olds – short chapter books and series books.  The mammoth section next to this is known as core fiction, aimed at eight- to twelve-year-olds.  Tailing on from this is the young adults range for twelve and up.