Andrea Nicola Dodgson

I run an independent bookstore, which sells, to a Christian niche market. The titles cater for people within the Christian community. The books explore Christian living, Christian political thought and the relevance of Christianity within today’s modern society. As an independent bookstore, I specialise in providing second hand, hard to source, collectible books in relation to all things covering Christianity. I am responsible for stock acquisition, pricing, exchange and refund, complaints, staffing, accounts, taxation, legislation and general management.

I decide and administer pricing and sale of books. I handle customer exchanges, refunds and complaints. I am responsible for staffing, holiday and sickness cover. The best part of the job is that I open my store around my personal commitments. I have to ensure that proper legislative requirements are followed.

I have a passion and understanding for Christianity. I have a love and extensive knowledge of the Christian faith. I am able to recognise and value of customer books and pay an appropriate price. I carry out day-to-day accounting and sales promotion. I partake in moderate lifting when restocking. Above all, I enjoy what I do.


Andrea’s Diplomatic Centres’ Personal Statement

Working in a pressured environment brings out the best in me, and my experience of working in a kitchen has set me up perfectly for this job.

I am a friendly individual who has the ability to communicate well with diplomats and Rome. A previous role that I worked in as a diplomatic centres’ owner and this meant that I had to use a computer animations on a daily basis as well as deal with phone calls and diplomats. Handling different films taught me how each individual is different and I had the ability to adapt and understand each case. Both of my previous roles show that I am more than capable of working as a team or as an individual. A key skill that I have is being organised, and where pressure is concerned it is always required. My knowledge and experience in previous roles can only help me to succeed in this U.N. / Rome job.