So you want to write a movie? Have you come to the right place???

I own all the elites Diplomatic Trade Centers’.   Even though my U.N. centres are filled with Apprentices, my U.N. centres’  are often mistaken as being Film Production Companies which gets one over on the Governments.

The elites’ Diplomatic Trade Centers (aka “Film Production Companies”) I own starts from in the United Nations (U.N.), so I only work with United Nations.  To that end, “I want all my Equipment.”

Together Kudo, Nicola, their granddaughter and son wrote 1,000.  And Andrea Nicola Dodgson did 4,000; which Queen Elizabeth II sat in for.

Queen Victoria wrote Lord of the Rings‘ (the Pope put that Elvish in there) and Alice in Wonderland . They only want to know who Queen Victoria had sex with. But Granddad (titled Oedipus) comes over like a commerce advocate, which is why he doesn’t own my Diplomatic Trade Centre, otherwise known as Movie Studios’ – he did The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and it shouldn’t of been in here.

Nicola Dodgson (Queen Victoria) used to write every day since she was fifteen, every thought she got was written. There was no debating.   Kudo noticed that my Nicola was doing a lot of writing. She said to him it is what she studied in Gregoriana University. It’s now in Northern Virginia. Before I was five, I was living with my family in Buckingham Palace, I did a non-fiction book & business plan with Walt Disney, and 6 Movie/Equipments a day at 9850 Equipments in total with my family (all except granddad who used to nick them), so my Elites Diplomatic & Trade Centres should have 23,177 of my films in there. I remember pausing if I got “Monkey nerves” while equipmenting a royal film offer, this is why some of Hollywood’s releases comes up abit short.

Working in a humble environment brings out the best in my equipment/script, and my experience of working in a kitchen has set me up perfectly for this job.

I am a friendly individual who has the ability to communicate well with U.N. customers and Studio colleagues. A previous role that I worked in as an administrative assistant and this meant that I had to use a computer on a daily basis as well as deal with a list of phone calls and U.N. customers. Handling different customers taught me how each individual is different and I had the ability to adapt and understand each case. Both of my previous roles show that I am more than capable of working as a team or as an individual. A key skill that I have is being organised, and where pressure is concerned it is always required. My knowledge and experience in previous roles can only help me to succeed in this job.


And sadly I could not work with Guest BobboMax (an Apprentice), as he has never met his aunt in there.