Dodgson’s Business Plan


The business formed as Company, is in response to the following market conditions: steady growth opportunities exist in my area. There’s a need for coherent methods in these overlooked markets.  I/we have several clients who are willing to engage large contracts within the next year.

Several other prospective clients have expressed serious interest in doing business within six months.

Over the years, I/we spent much time studying ways to improve overall quality, performance, and efficacy and increase profits. This plan is another result of that study.  The basic components of this plan are:

  1. Sign contracts.
  2. Increase publicity.
  3. Increase contact with other persons in my area.

To this end, I/we need investment from private individuals. A sum total for fees in my area of work is being raised, which will be used to finance working capital, office, equipment, and so on.  The company will be incorporated and common stock issued to those who have invested.  The company will be run as a proprietorship (plus per Limited program).

Financial Goals

Year 1


Year 3


Year 5


Sales xx xx xx
Net income xx xx xx



The xxx is being launched in the xxx with a view to moving business in the xxx.

Andrea Marshall Dodgson, Owner/Operator


Sacred Theological License


The business was recently conceived and is still in the beginning stages. Up to this point, the following has been accomplished:

  1. A team consisting of writers has been formed.
  2. A prospective customer/client list has been drawn up.
  3. Strategy manner to meetings are being held during the week.
  4. This business plan has been drawn up.


The business serves to offer filmmaking in appearances. This service offers our clients the best possible solution as it:

  1. Provides a service that is not presently available in this area.
  2. Is strengthened by a team with combined experience of 2,000 years.
  3. Is of high quality.
  4. Provides an alternative, cost-effective way for them to receive care.

Even though at this time our expertise is unique in the marketplace, we expect advances to be made and competitors to arise and offer similar services. We will meet this challenge by:

  1. Hiring staff specialized in these new areas.
  2. Increasing our continuing education and training expense.
  3. Adding complementary services.
  4. Making regular investments in new equipment.


Long-Term Objectives

The business believes very strongly in scientific, technical, financial, ethical, business, and moral excellence. To secure a stable future for all those connected with the business, we have set the following long-term goals:

Present market is estimated at £2bn (cinema industry) and £4.5million (music industry). Our goal for market share is a small percentage to go towards my fees.

We want our area of study to be considered by market leader peers, as evidenced by:

  • Trade industry awards (Oscars, Golden Globe, Disney)
  • High end of scale in financial ratios
  • Major market share
  • Technical excellence awards (Hugo Awards, Nebula Awards, etc.)

Short-Term Objectives

  1. Market share goals:Third year   49.6%
  2. Fifth year    52.5%
  3. First year    xxx%
  4. Aggressively recruit the best staff in the industry.
  5. Generate monthly reports on financial status vis-a-vis the industry.
  6. Maintain state-of-the-art accounting system for careful tracking.
  7. Increase productivity by investing in training and education.
    1. Budget for complete computer training for appropriate applications.
    2. Set up and maintain employee benefit programme for continuing with their onset education.
  8. Decrease and maintain costs through acquisition of new sites and equipment.
  9. Support company involvement in various local and national charity events.


Competitor 1



  • Location – Adjacent to medical centre, on major transportation artery, close to city.
  • Pricing – Known for aggressive pricing policy.
  • Service – All purdue graduates.
  • Management – Everyone seated has an MBA, or MFA State side.


  • Delivery – Only one outpatient office location.
  • Dedication – If it’s sunny, they’re on the golf course.
  • Machinery – Running Windows Vista.
  • Overhead – It could seem that we spend lavishly on corporate dining room, and limousines.


The distinctive competitive advantages that I bring to this market are:

    1. Experience in this market. I/we have the years of hands-on experience needed in this industry.
    2. Sophistication in management and finance. We are able to run an efficient and lean structure, yet still provide quality service to our clients and customers.
    3. Because of the nature of this industry, we will be able to rent office space in more moderately priced buildings.
    4. As a unique service company, we will be able to keep our margins high, allowing us to provide internal financing for growth possibilities.
    5. A level of policy of that will allow us to fully address the respective markets with comprehensive marketing plans.
    6. By keeping overhead low, I/we will be able to funnel profits back into operations, thus avoiding high debt ratios or lost income opportunities.
  • Innovation. I/we have a history of innovative ideas. SUMMARY



Through my/our leadership, I/we will be able to reduce overhead as a percentage of productivity, thereby increasing the amount of profit to be retained in the business. We propose to use good solid business sense, economies of scale, and efficient financial techniques.  This will allow us the following options:

  • Increase client services.
  • Increase marketing expenditures.
  • Increase profits.
  • Increase selection of services offered.

This plan will give us tremendous flexibility to use any of these options or a mix of them to effectively attack our target markets and meet our long-term goals. This combination of experience, sophistication, capitalization, and innovation will assist my business as it strives to reach its productivity, profit, and return objectives.


Before we set the price for our service, I/we forecast what our fixed monthly fees were going to be. I/we then determined what the market rate for comparable services was.  At that rate, it was determined that for all but the lowest billing projections, this service would turn a profit at this rate.


Market 1

General History

Companies have found that carving out new services has, over time, resulted in increased costs. In our proposed market area, there are 2 midway companies with whom we could directly contract.

Entry Strategy




Our computerized office, at various areas outside the geographical area, allows us to track our clients’ needs and schedule services at other notice.

We intend to attack this market aggressively through the use of: our books.

Since we are offering a unique service, it is of utmost importance that we inform nearby corporations of our capabilities.

Growth Strategy

After having successfully completed this entry phase into this market in the geographical areas, we will then expand our market by doing the following:




Market Share and Size

The current market for sustaining a content area is estimated at £x & £x annual revenue based on data furnished by National Census. We estimate that we can achieve a good percent market share within 2 to 3 years.

We are in the process of collecting marketing data for other markets.

Other Markets




Targeting New Markets

To continue our growth, we will be using the following methods to expand our markets and to increase our new areas of doing business:

  1. Make contact with individuals in corporations and learn what their needs are.
  2. Obtain corporate referrals.
  3. Add complementary services.
  4. Perform online computer prospecting and qualifications.
  5. Conduct market surveys.
  6. Do research and development.




We have already spent a considerable amount of time researching and developing our remit for self disclosure. We have thus far been able to take in the encouragement given and discover several cost-cutting methods.  The largest achievement to date is being qualified in that area.

Our research is currently supervised by our Writer and Executive Producer, Andrea Marshall Dodgson, S.T.L.. She will continue in this capacity.  Having been the researcher involved with all our activities to this point, as well as gaining the experience, she is well qualified to continue our research efforts.

Our next research project will centre in on attacking our book pages.

Up to this point, our research has paid for itself. However, now that we are becoming more experimental in our research efforts, such a continued success ratio may not be maintained.

We have been investigating several potential government funding sources. Our present programme of joint outcome research with the University has proven very beneficial.

Historical Financial Data

Income Statement [ table…]

Balance Sheet [table…]

Asset Worksheet [table…]

Initial Capital Working Items:


direct mail campaign

newspaper advertisements


(The cost of design is likely to vary greatly depending on the quality of stationery, the creative skills of our designers and our ability to make quick decisions about the designs we like.)

marketing brochures


compliment slips

business cards

letter heads

design and layout


computer advice and set-up

interior decorator

legal advice

accounting/business advice




selected reading tests


small equipment (staplers etc)



(Some office equipment may be included in the rental of premises, e.g., telephone, security systems and photocopier. Some equipment will be optional – for example a biofeedback machine. If the offices are fully serviced, our needs for word processing may also be provided.)

security alarm system

tape recorder

digital video recording equipment

facsimile machine


biofeedback machine


computer software

computer equipment


telephone system










coffee & vending machines



coffee table



filing cabinets

typist chairs



(These figures will have to be multiplied by the number of professional rooms/offices required)






filing cabinet

desk chairs


Pro Forma Cash Flow Analysis

Sales Forecast

Sales have been forecast at the following growth rates:

Year 2 Year 3
Service 1 Xx% Xx%
Service 2 Xx% Xx%


Cash Flow Variables

We project that we will be able to generate sufficient capital from operations to meet our initial needs after the infusion of £185,000,000. However, our projections are with companies that have never been fully addressed and are based on present real buying conditions and our own experience.  Should productivity not meet projections, adjustments will be made in operations and long-term commitments will be decreased or postponed.

Income Statement

Statement areas

Discounts We are offering a range of discounts that mimic a steadystream of income. Average is estimated to be 20 percent.
Expenses Total from cash flow analysis spreadsheets.


Risks and Variables

Our books will initially be maintained manually. In the future, we plan to convert to a computerized accounting system to monitor our financial performance.  This information will be compiled at the end of each month for preparation of financial statements.  These statements will be reviewed monthly against our pro forma statements and appropriate action taken to adjust costs or budget.  If we find that we are continually over budget, our first step will be to re-evaluate our mark-up on services and then to recheck our costs to make certain that we are operating within optimal ranges.

Breakeven Point

The following chart shows our breakeven point.

Profit Revenue Fixed Costs Variable Costs
£x £xx £xx £xx


It is intended that the business will be profitable in the xth Quarter, 201x.

Effects of Loan or Investment

The money invested in the business will be used for the following purposes:

  • Working capital (£x)
  • Leasehold improvements (est. £x)
  • Start-up costs – legal fees, filing fees
  • Inventory – raw materials (£x)
  • Computer equipment
  • Office equipment and supplies

Initial office expenses, lease deposits, phone equipment, office furniture, and so on

These outlays will enable us to operate at a level that will allow us to meet our conservative sales goals for the first year. This will also allow us to purchase these items outright rather than finance or lease them.